Play time

For the past few days I have been co-creating with the universe.  I have been starting new business ventures and speaking and coaching ventures, building things, organizing things, buying things, spending time with friends, and holding space for a number of other things.  While I have always been a co-creator in the universe, it is with a new intention and direction of heart and thought that I am doing it now.  The  best part for me has been the lack of judgment, concern, and need for seeing a certain or specific outcome.  There is a new freedom and excitement in this, a new evolution of experience and a new vision of our world.  I can only hope you might give it a try!!!  We’re all in this together and its play time!!!

I have recently made it possible for you to share my posts on facebook etc.                                                                          through my website.   Please feel free to do so and to contact me with your success stories!!

“Blessings on your journey”


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