Blessed by joy!

Today, my son and his girlfriend have made a decision to co-create.  To create an experience together as a couple, bringing forth the realities and truths that come from them as a couple in this world.  I could not be happier.  Many of us have  had the opportunity to enter into a commitment to live, love and create together in this world.  Many of us have succeeded in this commitment and others have not.  It is my sincere desire to hold space for them in my life, hold space for their success and their failures, knowing that there will be both.  Hold space for their good intention and hold space for their love for each other.  It is easy to waiver, it is easy to avoid and ignore and it is easy to create excuses for behaviors.  I know this because, I have have done them all in my lifetime.

Today, I committ to supporting, loving and holding space for the two of them, and the others that will come into our world with this union.  I am taken by the enchantment and the excitement of this moment.  And, I am taken by the JOY!

Joy is God’s blessing!!  Today we are blessed, blessed by Joy.

”Blessings on your journey”

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