Ever feel like your backed up against a wall??  Today in my meditation I happened to notice that I feel this way.  I feel this way because I dont know what to do or where to go with a specific idea and dream I’ve had for some time now.  I realize, I can do this, or I can do that, or I can do nothing and that I get to pick.  The thing I don’t want to do the most, is push back.  I have learned over the years that pushing back almost always exhausts me, and hurts me and others, so what to do??

Surrender.  Today in my meditation I realized that I dont always see the big picture (who knew? LOL).  The wall represents an idea, an image, a dream I have, that is not manifesting the way I see it.  I have been holding on to this idea, this image, this dream, and building this wall larger and larger every day.  Surrendering allows me to transcend, dissolve and bring down the wall.

If I surrender the idea to the universe (the bigger picture I can’t see right now) the wall comes down, and I don’t have to continue to live in that reality or restriction.  The wall, literally ceases to exist. While I am not sure where my path will wind, a new picture and path has appeared.  Soon, I am off in that direction to see where it leads.  Giddyup!!

”Blessings on your journey”

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