My imagination

Every project and every plan starts with an idea.  In many cases that idea never existed before, it was born in the imagination of its founder.  Can you imagine everyone you know waking up every day with a new idea, a new project or plan.  Acting out and executing new ideas, plans and projects would have us living in a world of constant upheaval and change, how crazy would that be??  The normal view of our world would be challenged and the bar moved moment to moment.  Most of us living in this world would find ourselves pushing new ideas, plans and projects away or finding reasons to discourage them, fighting like hell to keep our world from a new disaster.

I find it interesting when you look at nature and our environment that you notice it has always been in constant change and transformation.  The rivers flowing over, the fires burning, the earth cooling and warming and the oceans rising and falling.  Never does one day look like another, never does it stay the same.  In our history we have had many disasters, wars, and altercations because of this struggle and it seems to be continuing at a record pace.   Maybe it’s the way we’re dealing with it? Maybe we should consider a different way, a new way, a new idea that never existed before?  Maybe all it takes is our imagination?  Giddyup

”Blessings on you journey”


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