Taking action

After a short break from my daily blog last week, I started back up with some help from friends.  I broke through with a piece on WORRY and IMPERMANENCE both comments on the struggle and some solutions.  Today, is no different as I just received a great article from a good friend on being FEARLESS.

“Every year, monarch butterflies migrate more than 2,500 miles to warmer climates. Their northern environment no longer provides the necessary elements for them to thrive. I, too, may experience changes in my life that do not support my personal growth. When that happens, I find the impetus to redirect my life.

Mental habitats of worry, fear, and stress are toxic environments, so I let go and embark on my migratory journey. I soar above any thoughts that might otherwise bog me down. Turning within, I meditate upon the innate potential for good in my life. Divine ideas flood my mind. I take action, fearless in my pursuit of an abundant life”.

While we may not want or need to move 2500 miles to solve or shift our consciousness to support our growth, we often need to redirect.  For me that redirection is a daily event.  Turning within, meditating, prayer, exercise, reading, writing, getting out in nature, finding a path that helps me soar above my negative thoughts is my choice.  I cannot support or change the world that no longer provides the necessary elements to thrive.  But, I can change my thinking, I can redirect my life by taking action, fearless in my pursuit of an abundant life.  Thank you Barbara.

“Blessings on your journey”


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