I invite you!

A few days ago I wrote about living life fully, to connect with like minded people to share personal insights, thoughts, dreams and desires, so today I’m ready to announce my next step. I invite you to join me to begin a dialogue on understanding and dealing with transformational change on Tuesday September 25th from 4-6 pm “Finding Love and Hope in Life’s Journey” Finding our way in a world of constant change with Love, Hope and Joy.  The location is somewhat dependent on the number of people who choose to attend and will be announced prior to event.  This event is free but donations are welcome.

Co-Creating in community where we share our thoughts, feelings and desires with the goal of supporting and holding a safe space for each other has such incredible power and opportunity for growth. Yet, it carries with it a fear of failure, disagreement and disappointment, and it can keep all of us from moving this thought, this dream forward. How to do this, how to move forward still concerns me. How to connect with people and co-create an exciting growing and learning time together requires some faith and a desire to jump into the unknown.

Please join me in this new workshop and opportunity for addressing change and supporting transformational growth.

To reserve a space for this event, please respond directly to this blog post. Email at mark@anthonychapels.com or through my office at 585-244-0770

“Blessings on your journey”


One thought on “I invite you!”

  1. SO wish I could go but I’ll be out of town. I forwarded your email to my mother and hope she’ll attend. Glad to see you are putting together a workshop! 🙂

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