If I died today!

If you died today, would you be OK?  Would you wish you had done more, or said something more or to someone?  Would you wish you had more money or things?  Would you wish you had a different job or spouse, lived somewhere else, or made different decisions? Would you say it’s all good.

I wish I had some different things happening now.  I wish I could do more than I’m doing, or have a bigger impact.  I wish I had made different decisions about certain things, along my path.  I wish I didn’t have to mentally live with my past experiences or failures, and allow myself to live in a new and present moment, free of my mental bullshit.  So, If I died today, I would have to let go of all those “things” I worry about or am frustrated about.  I would have to live in a different and new world, free of my past dissapointments and my future worry’s.  If I died today there would be nothing for me to do, no needs, responsibilities, expectations, or concerns.

Sounds like a good plan!

So, dont misunderstand me, I dont want to physically die today!  I want to die to my old thoughts and ways and I beleive I can do that, because the only thing I have power over, or can change is my thinking.  I have learned, after repeatedly trying, that I cannot change anything or anyone else, nor do I want that responsibility.  So, I will try to die today, and everyday from now on (unfortunately the world we live in, keeps trying to stop us).  I will die today so I can allow for the things that need to change, and let go of the things not needed anymore.   I will die today so I can be free of needs, expectations and responsibilities.  I will die today so I can live in a different world, a world of infinite opportunity and a world full of wonder and fulfillment.  Join me? Giddyup!!

”Blessings on your journey”


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