Change course NOW

“If had my life to live over again, I would ask that not a thing be changed, but that my eyes be opened wider”   Jules Renard

How many of us can say this or wish we were able to say this.  I have found that the concept of really opening our eyes, opening our eyes wider to examine a wider view of what is, and has happened is a gift we often avoid.   I have avoided it because it might mean I have to change or that something has to change.  I have avoided it because change is scary, challenging and hard sometimes.  I have avoided it because there is a human resistance to change built in to our body’s and mind.

My good friend Camille Conte has just the solution.  She has masterfully crafted a class on adjusting to change.  Adjusting and conquering our fears and resistance to change.  The journey is a must for those challenged by change.  I have had the pleasure of taking it, and can personally attest to its value both monetarily, mentally and emotionally.  Here is what she says about change, and your personal invitation.

“Nothing is permanent but change.”

How many times have you heard this classic remark? Though we can accept it as a basic Truth, we still resist change, we often fear it and many times feel paralyzed when it arrives on the doorstep of our lives.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

In this life changing seven week, online class you’ll:

  • Move from an unconscious to a conscious relationship to Change and life transitions.
  • Rediscover the courageous you and live more confidently.
  • Trust yourself again and the decisions you make.
  • Learn how to honor others affected by your Change without saying “no” to yourself.
  • Forgive the past by finding the “seeds of growth” in the changes imposed upon you.
  • Let go of what no longer serves you and make more room for spontaneity and flexibility.
  • Become the architect of your own life by “Calling in Your Future!”

Sign up now, don’ let change bury you in doubt and fear.

Sign up now at,


”blessings on your journey”

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