Fear drives our division

One of my dear and highly respected friends Ken Williams posted this on Facebook today.  It’s  to good and well crafted not to share,  thank you Ken!!

Our nation is divided so profoundly that it echoes the Civil War and the Vietnam years. I write these words with full awareness that any historical comparison is subject to demanding critique, with the critic pointing out circumstances that do not persist now. Division, though, is the linking reality. There are members of family, near and extended, with whom no political conversation can be undertaken. The results are just too painful.

Fear drives our divisions. That’s clear. What fear creates such friction that we hold even loved ones accountable, needing even to belittle, when they disagree with our position? That is a powerful fear.

When fear gets bigger than love we are no longer dealing with politics. It is no longer about public policy or economic theory or the growing diversity of America. It is about an insecurity that is so dramatic we give away our own capacity to be mature. Maturity overcomes fear, mistrust, and confusion. Maturity learns from adversity and discerns a path forward. Maturity takes resources from self development and spiritual streams to create relationships based on mutual respect.

Is it that we don’t trust ourselves, thereby needing political movements to tell us what to think? Is it that anger is a defense against the increasingly complex, fast, and technology driven society that has emerged?

This is what I know from experience and believe in my heart: we need each other, now more than ever. Division serves only the least mature among us. What will it take to trust more and love more generously?

”Blessings on your journey”


One thought on “Fear drives our division”

  1. This message is so powerful! We lose conscious thought for loving one another when we let fear into our lives. Diversity should be accepted and not feared, it is not our job to pass judgement onto one another.

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