Yesterday we spent the evening celebrating my aunt Margarets 90th birthday!!  We’re in Florida where she has lived her whole adult life with her 5 children (all girls). During her life here, she buried a child at the age of 5 and her husband (in his prime) killed by a drunk driver on US 1.  Much like her mother she did not let adversity get her down, she persevered, and still does.  In addition to running and managing her own business, she was, and is, an icon in our family.

As we passed the microphone last night I reflected on her smile.  In the midst of all of her adversity and strife in life she never lost her smile.  Her smile was and is a reflection of her love for each of us, and life itself.  Her smile breathes hope and love into the world around her, and is a reflection of the light that shines within each and everyone of us.  God bless Aunt Margaret and her smile!  Today let’s bring the smile back!!  Giddy-up!

Oh, I almost forgot.  she loved to dance too, so she hired a big band for the party!!

“The Dreamers”

”Blessings on your journey”

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