Kavanaugh Confirmation

Today, I’ve been watching the confirmation hearings of Judge Kavanaugh.  During the process of confirmation there is a time to question the candidate and solicit responses and thoughts.  It is with a heavy heart that I report the process is not pleasant or affective in my view.  There are individuals on both side of the political isle that obviously have agendas and objectives to pass or derail the candidate and the process.  In so doing they are all subject to inappropriate and unprofessional behavior.  While there are some on the committee that respect the process and seem to understand the way nominees are picked and vetted, there are some where fear, distrust, hate, anger and insulting and demeaning behavior can be witnessed.

There seems to be more and more people today that are behaving badly.  Behaving in ways that do not foster conversation and communication.  People that seem to hate everything and anything that challenges their beliefs and values.  We have become a society where we can’t  live together, we can’t talk to one another and we don’t care for each other.   Yes, we have a ways to go, yes we can do better, yes we can learn and grow in new ways never thought of before.  And, yes we have to do it! Giddy-up

”Blessings on your journey”


2 thoughts on “Kavanaugh Confirmation”

  1. Senate Republicans outrageous obstruction of Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court along with their 10-month-long stonewall that not only took away the high court’s ability to do its job effectively but also stole the nomination of a new justice from President Obama,which is what they intended, is now reaping what they planted. They wouldn’t even give Garland a hearing and yet here we are. This nominee will take away my right to choose and give Trump a “get out of jail free card.” Though it’s never pleasant to behave in this way, it’s necessary. Everyone seems to forget the behavior of the Republicans, then and now, including the sale of their soul as well as America’s to the Devil. This is no time to play nice.


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