Lovers and Haters

Are you a Lover or a Hater? And, most of us will be both at different times in our lives.  Daily, I receive comments from family, friends, associates and followers of this blog.  Their comments come in all colors and flavors, as we all have different views and opinions.  The ones that hurt and shake me the most are the ones that come from HATERS.   Haters are those of us that walk around with a negative, dark and judgmental view of most everything.  They are those of us that want to fight back for reasons only they can speak to.  Haters appear angry, distrustful, condescending, rude,  disruptive, and are most often poor listeners. Lovers are those of us that walk around sharing our love with everyone and everything.  Lovers see the world as opportunity and welcome change and growth, all the while supporting and encouraging, like a parent to a child.  Lovers are great listeners, engaging, and appear to be  happy, kind, polite, trusting, and interested in you.

When I’m in the presence of haters I often feel hurt, as if it’s my fault. Sometimes, I feel like they’re attacking me personally, (which goes with it’s my fault) which makes me feel angry, bad, and sad.  When I’m around haters I want to get away.  Haters scare me and draw tons of energy from me and my personal space. When I’m around lovers I feel lifted, held and free, I feel engaged and drawn into their space.  I feel like I’m important and my thoughts and feelings mean something to them.  I feel liked, and it feels good.  Maybe there’s a reason for the hate and anger in the world, maybe as a friend mentioned the other day that it’s necessary, and, then again, maybe not.  Who am I to judge?

I believe there is a way to make a difference in the world, I believe we can do it better than we are currently.  I believe it requires new ideas and new thinking.  And, I believe we can do it.  Here’s one suggestion.  Giddy-up

“Call out to the whole divine night for what you love. What you stand for. Earn your name. Be kind, and wild, and disciplined, and absolutely generous”.  Dr. Martin Shaw

”Blessings on your journey”

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