Life’s stories

Tonight I get the pleasure of listening to the stories and witnessing the musical talent of four individual musicians.  These men have recognized and connected to a place within them that most of us can only dream of, they are singer songwriters.  They have created a place in the universe where they can share their stories, shine their light and share their wisdom through song, much like I do through this blog and I’m sure you do in your day.  Their journey into the world of music is no different than our journey into our lifes passions, professions, commitments, desires and intentions.  Their presence on a stage helps us focus our attention, and shines a light on them as they invite us to join them on their melodic journey, and share their lifes experience with us.

Tonight I have the opportunity to connect with lifes melodic conversions and intonations, to connect with my inner desires, to soar above my limitations to dream, to dance, to hear lifes story.  Their story, our story. Giddy-up

”Blessings on your journey”


One thought on “Life’s stories”

  1. Well, are you telling us which group you are hear? In any case, have a wonderful evening!! Love from the Botanic Garden in Chicago! Are you in Italy?


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