Emotional Freedom

In preparing for my presentation tomorrow on “Finding Love and Hope in Life’s Journey” I unearthed a new message related to dealing with change and loss.  Matt Kahn explains it this way: In our practice of anchoring ourselves in space and time and in order to stay in balance we need to anchor and align with our breath.  Anchor and aligning our breath means bringing our breath with us in everything we do.  He goes on to explain that when we spin out or enter a “tail spin”, it’s usually a reflection of all the times trauma from the past, took our breath away.  Adversity shows how easily we loose our breath when change arises or loss dawns.  To lose our breath is to be lost, frozen in time.  To lose our breath is to die.

Emotional freedom is living in such a place where no loss or change divides you from your breath, a space where no change or loss occurs.  Emotional freedom takes practice, anchoring, living in balance, aligning with your breath.  Giddy-up.

“Blessings on your journey”




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