Yesterday a good friend suggested rather than be stressed out traveling, to consider disconnecting,  giving myself a break, heal and relax, rejuvenate.  While that all sounds wonderful, it is hard to disconnect when having the responsibility of escorting, driving, planning and hosting our family here in Italy, as it comes with a lot of responsibility.  What to eat, where to eat it and when, who wants what or not, who’s being a jerk and who’s not, who drank my coke, etc.

Here is a picture of our transport vehicle.  It’s a 9 passenger, Manual transmission, Fiat van traveling on roads that would pass as a path in the US.  Not to mention the winding mountain roads assessing the Villa, and the backseat drivers!  Not very relaxing to drive, I must say.


My rejuvenation and relaxing takes place at the outside table or cooking on our outside grill overlooking the Tuscan countryside.  Very relaxing, I must say.


My healing place is sitting right here, writing and sharing this journey with you.

IMG_0072 Giddy-up

“Blessings on your journey”




2 thoughts on “Disconnecting”

  1. oh, you are with a whole group, I did not know this. Serve them with pleasure! Good training for higher ground, especially if they are family…. remember that the reason for where we are and what we do is never for what we think it is. We are not really here, just a small part of us is while the other part is out there. Can’t wait to see you back here. It turned cold yesterday!! Very Fall like!!! Lots of love, you are doing great!!


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