Signs flourish and good things are just around the corner!

Every where one goes, each moment, and always, good things or signs flourish.  Our vision is designed to see all, yet we find distractions leading us down obscure and fearful paths.  It is easy to allow our old thoughts to bring back old feelings that move us away from the present moment.  Often, those old thoughts and feelings are there to help us uncover just how powerful our mind controls us.  They can be perceived as opportunity, and blessings, to shine a light where darkness needs to be moved into the light (or not).  Do not fear or be discouraged, but be greatful and give thanks.  Give thanks that signs flourish and good things are just around the corner.  Much like the rainbow that appears after the rain.  It is there to show us that when we shine light at the dreariness that brings the rain, unexpected beauty appears.  Giddy-up


“Blessings on your journey”

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