Families have unique and special qualities.  This week in Italy we’ve had the pleasure of spending time with my sisters Uncle and Aunt Cerino.


On Monday we spent the day in Pisa (their home town) We arrived before noon and we’re greeted with a wonderful lunch, cheese and wine.  After lunch we were joined by their delightful and gracious children and grandchildren (all of them) for a three hour tour of Pisa, concluding our day with a refreshing gelato.


Last night they drove from Pisa (a 50 minute drive) got lost for over an hour trying to find our villa in the hills of Monsumano, and didn’t leave until well after 9pm.  They are two of the most delightful people I’ve ever met.  We witnessed their love of country and their concern with politics, economics, immigration in addition to their consistent and repetitive invitation to come again and stay with them.  It was their sincere interest in new people and their genuine desire to connect with us that was most appreciated.  We  laughed and shared good food and drink.  I wish they would come back today, will miss them and seriously look forward to visiting once again soon.


To think that these wonderful people have been there for so many years, and that we are just getting to meet them now, could make me feel very sad.  So, I will focus on how grateful I am to have met them.  I will remember what a delight they were, and take advantage of any opportunity I have to spend time with them again.  I will also try not to take for granted any family I have, build bridges for hope and love in all my relationships and follow their example of gracious hospitality.  Giddy-up

“Blessings on your journey”




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