Peace be with you!

Having spent the last week in Tuscany has been a wonderful and at times educating and transformative experience.  When we travel to new places outside of our comfort zones, outside of our “normal” spaces, we challenge our very being.   When we travel with a strong center, a place where we draw our strength, balance and comfort from, we are safe.  If we are pulled from our center (safe) space with distractions of the world, new environments, personalities, new experiences and challenges, we can loose connection with our very sense of well being and peace.


It is no different if we are here or there.  These same challenges in life bring to us new challenges, conflicts and transformative experiences.  As I said to one of my family members just the other day, “All we need to do, or are responsible for, is finding and maintaining a place of peace within us”.   Giddy-up

”Blessings on your journey”

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