Today is a great day!

There are many who suggest the first thing we think of every morning is a positive centering thought such as, “Today is a great day”.   Great idea, and one that I have practiced and exercised over my years.  I have taken it into the day and every where I’ve gone during that day,  “today is a great day, today is a great day, today is a great day”.   As a mental exercise, it does’nt work for me.  As an exercise it is merely a repetitive experience, much like positive thinking.  For me, If I have to say “it’s a great day” what I’m really saying is, it isn’t a great day! The next stop for me was, what was I missing, what wasn’t working and why?

We all know thoughts and feelings are connected, so they must be involved, but only in our self created outer world.  As I look back at the days in my life that I’ve felt great, I mean really great, there existed “a feeling”, a sense of wonder, excitement, an energetic transformative experience.  In that experience there where no challenges or obstacles that couldn’t be conquered, nothing that I couldn’t do.  As I reflect back on those days, there were no specific mantras or specific thoughts even present.  No thoughts of failure, lack, fear, etc. only a sense of wonder and peaceful joy, a safe place where all my needs were met (or I really didn’t have an needs).  There is a place where everyday is “Great”  My thinking suggests the very basic, the most simplified, purified idea here is “no thought” is the key and door to a great day!  Giddy-up

”Blessings on your journey”


One thought on “Today is a great day!”

  1. good luck with the no thought concept. Wayne Dyer said the average person has about 60,000 thoughts a day….
    But you are totally right. We have to train the mind not to think those same old thoughts any more . They produce the same program every day.
    I for myself read the course in miracles in the morning. It helps me stay calm in the storm of the day.
    Blessings and love!

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