Local police, and school probe “White student union”

Today in our local new paper there is an article about the possible existence or formation of a White Student Union in our local high school. On Tuesday afternoon an instagram account had 9 followers, it also had posted one photo – a picture of Ben Shapiro, a conservative political commentator, with the caption, “This man will lead us into the new age.  His thoughts and philosophies are 100 percent encouraged by WSU.”  The account promoted the ideas of a particular commentator but did not express a threat or direct comments at any individuals.  The account has since been deleted.  When the schools communications director heard about it, he immediately notified the local police department.  The school said the account appeared to mirror an account for the schools Black Student Union, which is an organization formally recognized by the school.

OK, so the school has a Black Student Union, and I wouldn’t doubt various other groups, clubs etc. that support different ideaologies and beliefs.  What surprises me, is the schools reaction and the local police chiefs reaction, saying that “This is alarming”.   It does not surprise me, nor am I alarmed that there are white “conservative” students feeling the need to organize and possibly be heard.  Based upon what I’m witnessing in the news and media today, It does not surprise me at all.  Giddy-up

“Blessings on your journey”


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