Sick and Tired

Some days I wake up and I’ve got nothing or no idea what to write (so, I’m writing about that! Lol).  Some days I wake up and feel pretty bad. Some days I would rather just stay in bed.  For the past few weeks I’ve been struggling with various physical symptoms and feeling a little deflated.  I’ve been very stressed at work and busy with many activities.  My energy levels are down and I feel tired most of the time.  It makes me quiet and not quite myself when I’m feeling blue.

For many, many years I believed that my humaness shouldn’t have any impact or affect on me.  I believed that I should be able to overcome all physical and outer manifestations of health and maintain my state of spiritual perfection.  NOT!!!

Everyday we have the opportunity to understand and allow for our humaness.  The opportunity to move past the symptoms to a place of peace with them.  Get rest, adjust our schedules to accommodate healing and just chill.  Being super human doesn’t make us any more spiritual or less.  Giddy-up

‘Blessings on your journey”

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