We are light

We are light!  We are the source of energy that produces the realities that we each see and play life in.  I use the word play because the reflection of being human and individuals is a lot like playing at a playground.  A playground has different experiences like, slides, swings, forts, rope climbs, trees, seesaw (probably illegal now) etc..  When we’re at the playground we are attracted by different experiences, we create and engage in different experiences and we become the experience on our own or with others.  As children, with our light (energy) source unharnessed or guarded it seems easy, as adults it seems much harder.  As adults, we have to deal with opinions, beliefs, judgments, concerns, fears (enter your expressions here) and are energetically pulled in all of those directions before we even begin to play (often exhausting).


During times of exhaustion or depression (depressed energy)  in me, I’ve noticed that I am not being the light, the energy, that is needed to play in the playground.  I get withdrawn, quiet and moody.  It may because of my old eating and drinking habits and allowing to much sugar in (a downer for me).  It may be because my body needs to be withdrawn, quiet, and moody, so I can spend some time playing with me.  Playing for me means, writing, reading, massage, golf, meditation and anything that recharges my batteries (still working on more me things like music, art, coaching, speaking etc.) so the light can once again reach out and shine.  We are light, where and when we shine it, is up to us.  Giddy-up

“Blessings on your journey”


2 thoughts on “We are light”

  1. I am definitely not an expert and should not speak about things I have not experienced myself, but one thing I do experience every day is the very personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. I am missing this in what you said yesterday and today. In order for things to really gel, the experience of the Divine has to become very personal. The ideas you mention are all perfect truth but there is a missing element. You can call it God or Holy spirit. They are not being mentioned in what you are saying. Once you personally connect with this Holy Power more on a very personal level and regularily, it directs your way and everything becomes lighter and more fun. For me the work with the Course in miracles over the last 3 years has been a great gift and has helped me to firm up my relationship with the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. BLESSINGS TO YOU!


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