God willing

Some people start their day with specific exercises, routines, meditations, readings, etc. in an effort to become and bring a spiritual presence, an authentic Joy and Peace into their life.  Some people don’t.  Some people suggest if you just practice this, or do that regularly, it should work for you.  Some people can just get up and choose to enter and be Joy, and some cannot (you know who you are< lol).  When I sit down everyday to write, I experience a connection with an unlimited realm of ideas and thoughts (my spiritual self)  A place that is magical, that surrounds and embraces me with wonder, as I don’t often even know what I will write.  I’m there right now, with you! And I wouldn’t want to be any other place right now.

While writing works for me, I don’t believe there is any one way that works better than another, and I don’t believe it even matters.  What does matter is, if we really desire a joyful, peaceful and spiritual life, we would benefit from keeping that thought a reality and present in our lives.  We should be willing to do whatever it takes, whatever works, and, as Wayne Dyer always used to say, all we need to do is be willing!  Brings new meaning to the term God willing, doesn’t it?  Giddy-up

”Blessings on your journey”


2 thoughts on “God willing”

  1. Very nice commentary and thought, Mark. Willingness is such a key element to growth, joy, development, and peace. Thank you so much for your willingness to share this and all of your writing.


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