Confessions of a button pusher

I must admit, I’m a button pusher, and just the other day someone called me out and asked me “what’s up with that?”

Well, here you go, I have always been a button pusher.  As long as I can remember, I have challenged and explored spiritual, mental and emotional limits and boundaries, in myself and others.  I have always believed that I have within me all I need for peace, happiness and success, and it was in times of personal despair, or struggle, that I learned to endure and find my way the most.  I learned that pushing buttons, (ie. struggling, hurting, challenging our thinking, suggesting change) could be fun, help me grow, and bring forth clarity, fulfillment and peace.  I also learned that pushing buttons could be hurtful and a little scary at times, yet, I always assumed and hoped that it would bring about good, and the world would be a better place because of it. It was, and is like a drug, I needed to do it.

My life long story, has been a series of button pushing, challenging and transformative events causing me to adjust and change many things, most importantly, my thinking.  One thought that I find most meaningful is, even in my most desperate and dark times, I have never felt lacking of anything (ok, maybe a little resentful, moody and angry at times, but not lacking).  Rich or poor, weak or strong, I have always known there was a spark of resilience within me that would eventually and magically turn itself into a flame, and shine a bright light in the world.  My hope has always been and continues to be “If we can get past our judgments, resentments, our destructive thinking and hurtful behavior, we can find that spark of resilience within all of us.”  I’d like to change again, I’d like to stop pushing buttons.  Little help?


”Blessings on your journey”

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