What if it gets to bad?

It think the thing people want the most (if being really honest) is to have others be in agreement with them. It helps limit conflict and helps us feel good, safe and accepted. We feel settled in agreement, we feel normal, less anxious and fearful, we feel safe, not alone. We crave this place of peace, we need this peace.

This need for agreement directs and leads us down paths of least resistance and can seemingly, help us create a safe place, our “normal” place of familiarity. Yet, as we travel this path of least resistance we can become distracted and annoyed with people or situations that pull us towards disagreement. We can feel threatened, scared, unsettled, anxious etc. all of the things we want to eliminate in our lives. We can even think others are the cause of our feelings, we can start to blame others and hate others for their disagreement. Our worlds can literally be turned upside down, chaotic, in our inability to control it. We can even kill if gets to bad.

“Blessings on your journey”


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