What makes you an American

What makes us an American?  What underlying principle defines us and connects us with all Americans?  What thought, idea or principal can we identify that crosses all personal, physical, emotional, spiritual barriers? Tomorrow is Veterans Day, a day where we honor those individuals who served America with their time, commitment and at times their life. What was it that motivated and moved them to serve? What were they willing to do that took them away from a carreer path, family, or put them in harms way.


Our country was built on sacrifice. Sacrifice, to surrender something of value as a means to gaining something more desirable. In times of struggle and change you will always find people willing to sacrifice for a common good. Tomorrow we should be willing to set aside a moment to remember and be grateful. Remember that there is a common good we all desire and grateful there are those willing to sacrifice. Giddy-up

“Blessings on your journey”


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