Life’s facades

In my life I have built, created, and applied many different facades to the structure and foundation of who I wanted to be and eventually have become. I have thought, created and desired many different things and looks, with different feelings, colors, textures and experiences attached. One interesting thing about facades (the outer appearance of something) is, they don’t always represent or reflect accurately what is going on inside. The other thing I find interesting is we can hide behind facades. We create an amazing, beautiful, energetic, youthful, thoughtful, peaceful, successful (enter your adjective here) facade, and, actually hide behind it. We can shelter, protect, and insulate ourselves, even when our interior world is falling apart and crumbling beneath our feet. What’s up with that?

It is only when the facade is integrated with what’s going on inside that it can reflect and represent us the most accurately. I have tried to represent my totally integrated, authentic self in my facade over my lifetime, yet have not been successful some of the time. I sit here today acknowledging that I am not perfect (as much as I want to be) and that it is OK. It is OK to admit I have tried to be someone I’m not, desired to have things I don’t need, pretended to be at peace with the world, relationships, success, etc. when I was not. And, that I have hidden behind a facade that didn’t reflect or represent my real state, my internal appearance.

Today is a contemplative, affirmation of my greatness and my gratefulness. Grateful that I have learned and continue to learn my true and real facade can be and is a truthful reflection of my integrated self. A reflection of my internal beauty, my greatness and internal connection with source. If you have a problem with it, if you cannot understand it or it frightens you, know that it is love. Giddy-up

“Blessings on your journey”

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