Today, I’m pissed off!

Last year around this time I wrote this post and it continues the “And I love that” mantra I spoke of yesterday!! While it may not represent my current day or situation, I feel it speaks to much or what I practice and believe. Enjoy!
Day four. Today I’m pissed off. I went to bed that way and woke up that way. Funny thing about it is that half of me wants to stay this way and half of me wants to drop it.
Why would I want to stay pissed off? While I don’t want to wade in this water to long, what about all the people losing their livelihoods and for some, their families, over inappropriate behavior? The effects and ramifications on all of us, our culture and the sickness we have allowed in our lives, pisses me off.
The insanity of terror groups, the devastating natural disasters, drug related deaths,  racism, piss me off.
There are people in the grocery store being disrespectful, selfish and rude, employees not being the best they can be, looking for the easy way out, not being open to others thoughts and opinions and shitty weather, piss me off. There is not enough space in this blog to produce the entire list.  So????? Now what?
Let’s begin with Kyle Cease and my new mantra “and I love that”. It pisses me off to have to be in this position to have to love that (and I’m sure it does you too) but, let’s try to diffuse this insanity right now. All of the world’s problems will not miss our attention. We will not be instantly transported to a new and wonderful place and time.  We will need to continue to pray and direct our intentions for a peaceful and loving world and we will still continue to see the world spinning out of control around us. The mantra “and I love that” is merely a vehicle to use, to challenge our viewpoint, and consider a new way of thinking now, the only thing we can do about it in this moment.
When I feel something in my body I don’t like (or pisses me off), I begin by looking at my thinking. My thinking causes my feeling, it creates my reality, so if I can change my thinking it will automatically change how I feel (it just works this way).  Wayne Dyer used to always say “If you change the way you look at the world, the world you look at changes”  Love you Wayne! And, I love that !!!
Thanks, I’m not pissed off anymore (at least for the moment).
”Blessings on your journey”

One thought on “Today, I’m pissed off!”

  1. God gave us free will and will never interfere with that. This is how eventually the Christ spirit will be born in each person. We are all on our way there, and if we take away the terrible situations of the world, mentioned in your post, we delay the awakening. Each situation, as terrible as it is, is an opportunity for awakening. If it “pisses you off”, you give it reality. It has none. Love is the freeing agent, being pissed off ties you to it. The change must happen in consciousness first. We MUST each face the manifestation of our thoughts( good and bad) so that we are motivated to turn and eventually realize that there is only God and that this life is a dream. Trust in this process, God designed it, and you will be in a lot more peace. Love is always the answer!!!


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