To be, or, not to be?

Today I thought I would share some contemplative thought about my intentions for entering a new cycle, a new way of living ahead.  How do I choose to be living in my authenticity? What does it mean for me to be truly fully embodied? What truths do I have to share and what am I willing to do, to express them in my daily life.  And, what would my behavioral choices look like if I were living the highest version of myself.

I intend to begin living my authenticity by being open, honest and loving every moment of my day. I truly believe that my authentic self demands openness, honesty and love for all people, places and things.  I also believe that if I can live in my authenticity, I will naturally become embodied as the presence of love.

I have always had the desire to be the best I could be and be that gift to all.  I have had moments when I have been that true embodiment and times when I have not.  I am ready again (no lie, been here before) to be the expression of love always, and have the desire to embody openness and honesty in my daily life.

As I hit the refresh button of life and enter the next cycle and new year, I choose health, family and community.  I will choose to put good things in my body, and keep physically active and flexible. I will choose to feed my mind and spiritual being with love and compassion.  I will choose to share and support/mentor/play with family, friends and community.  I will choose to build new bridges and seek new opportunity to grow and learn.  I will choose to not beat myself up if at times it feels like I failed in living my highest version of myself.

Join me!

“Blessings on your journey”

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