Life’s stories

Today I woke up thinking just how unique, fragile, familiar life is. With all of our different life stories unique and special to us, we have other friends and families stories mirroring the same thing, spun with their own uniqueness. We are all born into this world and we will all die. Life happens in between and in the same basic way. As we experience life’s journey, it is molded into different colors, shades and hues creating a tapestry so rich and beautiful it often goes unnoticed.

With the holidays just around the corner I find myself reflecting on the uniqueness, fragility and familiarity it brings me. Our grandchildren are witnessing the same excitement and joy that we noticed in our children at their age. Our adult children are witnessing the same excitement and joy of their children, that we had with them. And, we have the unique and new experience of witnessing our children’s successes, struggles, loves and joys in life, as thoughts of our own demise become realities. Thoughts that are normal for our age, time and space, and which our parents and their parents before them experienced and navigated before us.

The circle of life is unique, fragile and familiar to us. We look to embrace all of these unique and life challenges openly with grace, patience and love. It is what this holiday represents and that which is unique, fragile and familiar within all of us! giddy-up

“Blessings on your journey”

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