Be willing

The other day at a staff meeting, I told my staff that the reason I get up everyday to do the work I do is to help people navigate a world turned upside down from grief, loss and change. I love the arena and the opportunity to assist other human beings that are challenged by transformational change. I love the idea and I know It’s possible to find our way through any adversity and find peace and joy. While I can point out the optional routes, point out the obstacles and detours, we all get to pick our way.

This past weekend I spent time with our dear friend Colleen O’Briens family and we had many a discussion about the challenges our world presents us. The Weatherman who recently lost his job with a racial slur, the cheerleaders who were suspended for placing a video singing a popular rap song on social media, artificial intelligence, public schools and college education, and politics, among many other topics.

Our discussion was lively, interesting, thought provoking, and satisfying except for one moment, a moment of disbelief and resistance. A moment that as an objective observer, created a complete communication shut down, a moment where conversation ceased and could no longer exist (at least on that topic). When we as a people reach a point of disbelief and resistance all conversation, understanding, and communication stops. I watched it happen, I see it happen everyday.

In my job, if families are not willing to navigate the journey of loss and grief that is associated with life and death and resist moving through it, all healing is stalled. If we want to live in a world of disbelief and resistance where there is no movement, all healing is stalled.

When we left our dear friends this weekend I commented that we hadn’t come up with a solution for our worlds problems. And, while I still struggle with this idea constantly there is only one solution I always come to. Be willing!

“Blessings on your journey”

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