Today I have thoughts about animation. In my meditation this morning I remembered the experience of euthanizing our dog Lucy.  It then progressed to my parents deaths and all the deaths I am privelaged to be apart of every day in my work. There is an energy, a power that emanates from the physical presence of each one of us.  It is a power that animates everything in our world.  When we see a body that has died we experience an inanimate object.  In Lucy’s case, I first asked that she be sedated so she would lie down, then as I stood there petting her and comforting her with my hands lovingly supporting her head, I experienced the life force leave her body as the injection stopped her courageous and loving heart from beating.  Her physical presence changed in an instant from soft, to hard and I could feel her energetic body move from a lifted light position to a deflated heavy one.  That energy shift is dramatic and moving, it is the same for all of us, It is normal, and a part of life.

It poses many questions, And often few specific answers.

Yet this I know. Life is to be lived, animated. Giddy-up

”Blessings on your journey”

One thought on “Animation”

  1. Your posts continue to inspire me, Mark. Thank you for using the words you used so we can feel less afraid and uncomfortable with the process of making our transition from this life to the next. Peace Camille


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