Snow day!!

For those of you struggling with weather today, here is a blast from last years storm.

Today we wake up to a new blast of winter weather and lots of snow.  It’s a Friday and a good day to stay inside if you can, and reflect on the opportunity to slow down and appreciate the simple needs we have.  The schools are closed, the roads still difficult to manage and everybody is moving at a slow and cautious pace.

For me and many of us it minimizes the need to get things done and rush out into the world to meet goals and expectations.  For others, it creates havoc, struggle and presents obstacles and danger.  In any case it is a gift and opportunity to experience. In my work, there are no pressing services to manage today and those who need our help are naturally slowed down by the weather too. This morning as I write this, I have no pressure to get it done fast or any need to rush, just enjoy the beauty outside my window and enjoy the warm and comfortable space of my home.  For moms who’s daily scheduled plans are crushed by another snow day, they get to receive the gift of their children, the little ones they called to life. Take and savor this gift, there will come a time when you will miss it. For those who need to rush out into the storm as we all have had to do sometimes, it provides other opportunities.  The opportunity of being out in the midst of a storm witnessing the beauty and natural energy of nature can be a gift.  Every where you look there is a fresh and invigorating natural beauty, compelling us to take a moment to pause and notice.  In the work place there is a natural understanding for the navigational concerns and issues brought on by the weather.  Schedules are naturally affected and understood (or should be) and the pace is naturally slowed with absences and tardiness.  The world is slowed down, take a breath in this space.  There is comfort, joy and peace here. It is in our breath and comes from deep within our soul.  It is a moment to be noticed and celebrated.  We are here and life is good.

“Blessings on your journey”

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