It’s all in the release!

Back in my youth I had a fascination with balsa wood airplanes. The simple little fighter planes where you affixed the tail and main wings into a thicker balsa wood body. If you tilted the wings in a certain direction they would fly in loops, circles or wide turns.

On occasion I was fortunate to get the large plane, the one with the long rubber band and propeller. This was the Cadillac of balsa wood flyers in my day. The long rubber band and propeller would keep the plane in the air for much longer and could, if not handled and launched properly, find its way into the trees or on to the cottage roof. My life back then had many moments retrieving things from the trees and the roof, it got to the point where we would leave the ladder out.

Like everything in life, how we launch our day, idea, conversation, plan, business etc etc will create an affect. It can be a smooth flight or a bumpy one, “It’s all in the release”

I can remember the fascination and joy of having and playing with these simple machines. I try to bring that same energy to all I do. Sometimes it’s a smooth flight and sometimes not. My job is to keep the plane out of trouble but retain the joy and fascination of the flight. Giddy-up

“Blessings on your journey”

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