We’re not perfect

I’m feeling very vulnerable today. Truth is, this feeling has been going on for a few days now, and it leaves me feeling very unsettled. There has been a number of things going on. Energetic highs and lows, emotional upheaval and new opportunities to step out in new exciting directions. Dramatic change in a world full of energetic upheaval and fear.

Being one who likes to resolve and process life in a swift and direct manner, I find it difficult to navigate at times. My thoughts, energy and mannerisms not understood or welcomed, hinder me and cause me distress. There are many times when I just want to get a big glass of wine and go to sleep, or check out in any way. I know it’s me and I know I’m doing it, yet sometimes I can’t stop, it’s a part of who I am.

We all have been programmed through our families, life experiences, cultural times of our upbringing and obstacles faced. What we’ve learned and how we’ve learned to deal with them is what we should be focusing on. We see daily in our news the same programming in our clergy, politicians, entertainers, and everyday people who struggle with that part of them, it’s part of who they were or are, their life’s experiences.

So, as we continue to navigate the cultural discussions, and changes the world is offering up around us everyday let’s remember, we are all a product of who and where we came from. Let’s remember, that who we were is not necessarily who we are now and that we can change, as uncomfortable and unsettling as that is. Let’s remember we’re not perfect, that we’re flawed, broken and looking for redemption, acceptance and love.

“Blessings on your Journey ”


2 thoughts on “We’re not perfect”

  1. Behind every grievance there is a miracle!!! Give yourself the gift of relaxing in the fact that our return is guaranteed by God, and that the Holy Spirit is there to support and help us. All we have to do is to have a little willingness. The power of family history, cultural conditioning etc etc etc is nothing compared to the power of the whole universe which is waiting for direction from us to support a greater acceptance and expression of love. We are the beloved son of God, created by love, returning to love. We are not separated from your source inspite of all appearances!!!


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