Bon voyage!

I have been moved to be a better leader, mentor, coach etc. To be more honest with myself and others (hold space and expect others to hold space for me), to practice what I preach (honest and authentic) and shake rattle and role (stretch, take risks and grow).

I also continually re-visit a need to ensure that I am surrounding myself in an environment that fosters the type of growth I seek for myself.  Surrounding myself with others who aren’t willing to stretch and take risks, be honest and authentic and hold caring, and committed space for me, is a lot of work.  There’s the old saying that when the rising tide raises the water level in the marina all the boats rise with it.  Conversely, if I’m boating with others that are draining the marina of water, I too am affected.

Today let’s set sail with a clear view and direction.  While I might encounter some bad weather and rough seas, I know my destination and am quite willing and determined to get there.  Bon Voyage!!

”Blessings on your journey”

One thought on “Bon voyage!”

  1. Our compassion and Forgiveness to those who drain the waters. We were them yesterday. They need to get buoyed urgently by the high waters. We must only worry about our own energy and and how much we allow God energy to be us each day and each moment, so that we can raise the vibration of the world consciousness and create the high waters that make all boats float.. Good analogy!!


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