Flow group revisited!


Two years later !  Last night I had the privilege of reuniting with members of my flow group from two years ago in Los Angeles.

When I went to Los Angeles in March 2017, I was well into a transformational event journey.  I had written and published a book and was looking forward to expanding my reach personally, spiritually, emotionally and professionally.   I had always thought or more accurately hoped that my journey to enlightenment was a trip where I could go from 0 to full enlightenment overnight, I did not realize or want to understand that life did not work that way (at least for most of us). While I did not encounter full, embodied, enlightenment on this trip, it did ignite a new beginning, a new opportunity.

When I left Los Angeles, I began a daily regimen of meditation with the intention of developing a marketing strategy for my book with the possibility of speaking engagements, travel and professional acknowledgement etc.  It took me 6 – 7 months to realize that vision or dream was not working and it has morphed into a movement of one book at a time, personal gifts to families I serve and meet, and a gift to friends. So in my old thinking, once again I was not good enough, yet, it prompted me to begin a 100 day journey of blogging and sharing my thoughts with the world on a public stage (to date this is my 389th post!).  This new journey helped me establish my new publicly acknowledged mantra of living life “authentically and honestly”  this theme has breathed new life into me and has become my anchor for all that I do.  FYI, I probably run at around 70% – 80% in my effectiveness sometimes higher, sometimes lower.

Recently I attended an Esther Hicks seminar in Florida.  During that experience she used an analogy of how life’s journey is a variety of different and individual trips, spread out  throughout our days, weeks months, years lifetime etc. (not my 0 to enlightenment wish, but a life changing thought never the less).  My mind instantly imagined the Uber app with little digital cars moving around – and much like the Uber app, those moving cars can and do represent the many different and infinite possibilities moving around us all the time as we navigate our day, week, year, lifetime.  We make the choices to engage or not with the different rides and go on those adventures or journeys.

I also recently had a conversation about Joy with a friend who asked me what I did that was fun or I really liked.  I had a hard time answering that.  What I realized was that I spend most of my time and energy preparing the way for others.  Not to fix anything, but to create safe spaces and a smooth journey for those along for the ride.  While I am very good at it and it gives me great pleasure to do it, she suggested that along the way I try and take moment’s to find the good time that I can personally have. I have recently tried this and voila, it is indeed possible 😊

Today, I find myself in a professional place of transitioning out of my career identity of funeral director and owner.  I find myself re-engaging with music, both personally and with my grand kids and family, I find myself supporting friends and artists who express joy and breath love and life back into our community.  I find myself living a sober lifestyle or should I say struggling to find a balance with addictive personalities and distractions from my authentic and honest theme.

I find myself continuing to blog on a less stringent schedule, I find myself looking to find ways to bring people together in spaces that encourage listening and honoring each other’s space and ideas. I find myself on the verge of creating my next book by using over a year of my past posts from my blog.

And after being asked by my son and future daughter in law, I find myself sharing in the ceremony, by presiding over their marriage with words of connection, honor, peace and love.

All in all not a bad place to be even in the midst of the worlds disfunction, hate and discord.

I also find myself in the place of wishing to Thank you for your time and dedication for bringing us all together and honoring us in this way and in this place today.  It is a gift for me to reunite and share our story.  It is a gift to be honored by you and a gift for us to honor you.

“Blessings on your journey”


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