This past Mother’s Day weekend I had the pleasure to spend time with family and extended family.    I’m sure some of you did also.  For us, there was a granddaughters 8th birthday party on Saturday and Mother’s Day on Sunday.  These family gathering bring with them the opportunity to check in with family we don’t see everyday.  During a particularly  pleasant exchange with my favorite sister in law I received a special gift.  In our discussion, and as we looked around the gathering, she shared a unique view I don’t always see or focus on.  She said you are so lucky, look at all the beautiful relationships you have acquired in your life.  Beautiful grandchildren, a wonderful daughter and son in law, a gentle and kind son and girlfriend, joyus wife and uncle, friendly and gracious in laws and their children, you are so lucky.

While I don’t always sit in grace and appreciation at these events, caught up in the energy and distractions, I promise to do better.  I’ll begin with thanking this special sister in law for using her powerful voice, sharing her vision and recognizing how that vision can change the world.  It did mine!

“Blessings on your journey”

One thought on “Family”

  1. I love this. Count your blessings because when you lose your entire family all you have are memories.

    Betsy >


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