From the heart

Greg Braden in his new book “Resilience from the heart” suggests that a “new normal” is replacing the familiar world of our past—an uncharted territory of extremes ranging from social change and climate change to the uncertainty of jobs, finances, careers, and the stress these changes bring to our lives.  I agree with Greg that we are living in a new world of extremes and see it simply as change, change that is transformational where we are pushed from an old normal into a new normal space.

He sees people all over the world agreeing with him as he shares his theories and facts.  He also suggests that in order to adapt to change we must first acknowledge and mourn the passing of the world that’s disappearing in order to thrive in the new normal.  I love this part because it is what I do everyday as I guide those challenged by loss to a new normal space. Most people he speaks with agree with how healing it is for us to acknowledge the new normal, openly and honestly. But their body language often showed him other things as well, some that were less comfortable.  He learned quickly, for example, when the audience became stretched to connect with what he was sharing. And perhaps most important, he learned from their body language when they couldn’t connect with the information at all. From moments of dead silence, broken by sporadic throat clearing and the shifting of chairs, to people exiting for an early bathroom break, it was obvious when he had crossed beyond the comfort zone of accepted ideas.  I see this in my work and truthfully everyday in people.  Some conversations I want to have or ideas I have, cannot be heard by some.   There is a place where information challenges the very essence of our being and often we dont have the tools to go with and process.  It is a function of our resilience and to some a physical threat.

The best science of the 21st century now echoes the spirit of our most ancient and cherished spiritual traditions. Both reveal that the key to resilience begins in our heart. Whether you’re facing health issues yourself, helping loved ones through overwhelming life issues, managing impossible finances, or feeling overwhelmed by the extremes of a volatile world, his book “Resilience from the Heart” is written with you in mind. Within these pages you’ll find everything you need to embrace the biggest challenges in life and do so in a healthy way.

You can download the ebook for free at

If the link doesn’t work email me and I’ll copy you the email I received. Oh, and by the way my book “Living and Dying” speaks to these issues as well 🙂

”Blessings on your journey”

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