The Rock

Some years ago, a good friend shared with me a concept that had helped him in his life.  It was a spiritual discussion which revolved around our commitments and values.  He used the term the “Rock we stand on”   For some time now I have used this term in my thinking and practicing and found it to be a life changing and significant thought.

It reminds me of when as children, we used to play king of the hill where one would stand atop the snow piles (in those days), and others would try to knock him off.  

The “Rock we stand on” is very much the same.  It’s a place we put our life’s impression on, a place where we hold our beliefs solidly, and no one can knock us off. What rock do you stand on that no one can knock you off? where do you stand on issues, beliefs, values? etc..  It seems to me that without a position and our rock we leave very little of ourselves in the world.

Rock on!!

”Blessings on your journey”

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