Thoughts become things. Nothing that exists today, existed until it was first imagined. If you change the way you look at the world, the world changes. And, one of my favorites that my son shared with me a few years ago, If I don’t think it, it doesn’t exist.

Let all that percolate for a moment and you’ll begin to see that we may have Some challenges to our thinking. But, the good news is we have the power to create any world we choose for ourselves, and it will make a significant difference. Once we understand the only thing we can change, is our thinking.

Where is our thinking? Is it lifting us and everyone around us up, or pulling us down and keeping all around us down? Where is our thinking? (Pause and reflect 🙂

There is a place where thought meets Devine Intelligence, a place where the magic happens, where the world we look at changes, and, all it requires is awareness, desire, and practice. A willingness to try something new, move from old normals to new normals, CHANGE. Right now, it’s only a thought!! Tomorrow it becomes a reality!!


“Blessings on your journey”

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