In memory

In memory of our good friend who died a year ago.

Last night at 8:03 pm our good friend Colleen O’Brien surrendered to life’s moment and passed on to a new frontier.  After years of treatments, ups and downs, procedure after procedure, she laid down her sword and sheild.  She was one of my favorite people on earth and a fighter like know one I know.  I often would think she would somehow win the battle.

Perhaps this passing is a win however.  I’m confident that she has been given the understanding and knowledge of her life’s purpose, and I’m sure she is in the loving hands of her father, surrounded by family and friends.  While me may not know for sure and wonder why her life was fraught with this disease, she taught me so much while here.  She taught me resilience in her journey, never did she complain or feel sorry for herself.  She taught me courage as she tried new treatments being discovered and trialed. And, she taught me how to love one another.  Never did she get consumed by her issues or problems, she always was interested and cared about me and others.

Her presence in this world made it a better place for me!

“Blessings and Peace on your journey Colleen O’Brien”

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