Oh say, can you see?

This past Sunday night I had the opportunity to listen and share in the musical genius of Chris Wilson at Vitale Park on Conesus Lake. Whenever and wherever Chris sings and plays his guitar he presents an honest and heartfelt experience for those who have the ability to hear and experience it. This particular night he made the effort halfway through his show to throw down some political comments. The underlining message being, we all have our ideas and differences but there is a place we can meet together and “oh, by the way check this out”. He began his rendition of our National Anthem, slowed down and executed in a way that commanded, invited and pulled us all in. As he slowly eased into the song and as we all became aware of what song it was, people began to stand and place their hands on their hearts. In that moment I was taken back by the rush of emotion that waved over and through me as people of all denominations, political beliefs, races, cultures responded in unison to the pull of a common theme. The pull of freedom and justice for all, the pull of unity in a common belief. Here is a clip of that moment, I hope that you too can feel the pull too.

“Blessings on your journey”

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