100 Days

A while back I embarked on a journey of personal discovery. After returning from a transformational event in Los Angeles, I made the commitment to meditate for 1 hour each day and examine my life as it is, and where it could be. It had always been a belief that my thinking was a result of past events and experiences and that if I could find a way to transition past my old thinking, I could find a new place to be, a new normal, living in the moment.

Many of the people in these groups used video to post their daily revelations. I chose to do a daily report for 100 days and used writing to report my thoughts uncovered during meditation.

After over 450 daily posts I’ve decided to share these posts in a new book. I have learned that hearing the stories and reflections of others experience we can notice our own voice respond and resonate or not, bringing clarity and newness to our lives. Today I begin the process of transferring and editing and look forward to the day where I can connect with you and others willing.

“Blessings on you journey”


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