Free yourself!

Yesterday I wrote about healing yourself and how forgiveness was used for healing within the psyche of Brandt Jean, who’s brother had been murdered. I suggested that Brandt will continue to mourn the loss of his brother and continue forgiving Guyger for the rest of his life. I also mentioned how revealing and inspirational his act of forgiveness was, allowing him to free himself from a life of condemnation and hate.

All of the work required for healing when we have been emotionally or physically scarred, can and often will require a lifetime of practice. We will notice that the level of intensity and damage inflicted, will correspond to the amount of effort and energy we will need to put into healing. Just like a physical wound, the severity and size of the wound will dictate the time needed to heal, and the size of the scar it leaves physically and emotionally.

To all of us out there carrying these wounds and scars of life, I send you love, hope and the forgiveness that sets us all free.

“Blessings on your journey”

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