I’m taken by the statement: nothing that exists today existed until it was first imagined.  It is a simple thought yet a profound message, “We” are the creator.

There are times when I find myself waiting for God to reveal his(her) intention to me and nothing happens.  While other times I am out in the world creating the heck out of it. I often wonder about that and why that is. In my study’s and writing over the years I’ve found something very interesting, and maybe it’s the answer. When you take a look at the word CREATION and move the letter “c” you create the word REACTION.  This simple exercise reveals a significant truth about life, or at least it does to me.

To me, it suggest we’re either “reacting” by complaining, blaming others, waiting for something to appear or happen etc. or “creating”, making something happen and appear that never existed before.

It’s much more fun to be creating and OH, by the way, we were put here to create, giddy -up

“Blessings on your journey”

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