What’s your plan?

Today I thought it would be nice to fire up the wood stove at the cottage and spend a quiet day before the holiday festivities begin. I’ve just finished packing the wood rack with fire wood, which should last us a few months, (A little exercise with the wood pile always feels good when its done).  Now I’m sitting at the computer gazing at the partially frozen waters, while Christmas music plays in the background.

While this might sound quite nice, and it is, there are still mental fragments of frustrations, disappointments and concerns floating about in my mind.  Most of the time as I navigate my day those thoughts are fleeting, but they still linger in the background and dark recesses of my mind. Waiting eagerly to bring new doubt, fear, and apprehension to my world.

Recently, I’ve been focused on the idea of how our thoughts and upbringing define us, and, how I have the choice to decided how I wish my life to be defined. Today, I could choose to be defined by Plan A, which is to pull out the vodka and float into the numbness and mindlessness it affords me.  Or, be defined by Plan B and embrace the day, find the joy that is always hiding there, and focus on where I can give my love and attention to others. How I choose to be defined is really all there is I can do. The intention and vision I have for myself will affect my energetic vibration, which will affect my world and everyones world vibrating around me.

Today, I will do Plan B!

What’s your plan?

“Blessings on your journey”


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