Isn’t that love?

Neutrality – the state of not supporting either side in conflict. “Isn’t that love”

Yesterday I ended with the statement that neutrality was a state of love.

When you consider a state or place of no conflict you have peace.  Peace is a place where there is only good and a place of restful wonder. A place where only love exists.  In my daily meditations I have started to play nature sounds (from the calm app) through my headphones as I allow the thoughts to filter through and leave my mind.  I have had the sense of laying in a field of soft grass while the birds and animals frolic about.  While that image is idyllic it is descriptive of the place I can go to.  It is in that experience of the peace of nature, that connection with the earth,  where there is no conflict.  It is a place of comfort and joy.  It is a place where there is only love.

Two books come to mind that do a good job of capturing this place of wonder and joy.  One is The Shack by William P. Young, and the other is the Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan.  Both books tackle the Idea of what it must be like to exist in a place of peace.  They both begin with tragic circumstances but are well worth the read as they lead us down a beautiful path towards enlightenment.  If movies are your thing, The Shack was made into a movie and does a pretty good job of representing the beauty and peaceful place of gods kingdom.

Love is all around me and so the feeling grows.

“Blessings on your journey”


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