Life’s supposed to be fun

Are you old enough to Remember the TV show Route 66? It was about two guys travel and adventures in his corvette across Route 66. As I remember it, every episode they would get into some adventure relating to a place or time on the road.

“Web site description” – Tod Stiles (George Maharis)  hits the title trans-America highway in his Corvette in search of adventure with friend Buz Murdock (MartinMilner), a survivor of New York’s mean streets. The two work odd jobs as they meet and interact with colorful characters and find themselves plunged into one situation after another, some of them romantic, some of them very dangerous.

Much like the show Route 66, we also travel along a highway daily, being pulled and pushed into different situations and interactions with others. In the show they were looking for adventure and welcomed new situations and interactions.  Often in our travels in life we dont feel we have the luxury of looking for the excitement of new adventures along our path.  We’re so busy and caught up in our routine, our job, or expectations for ourselves we miss most of what is going on around us.

Recently I wrote about the idea of needing a good map for finding our way to a place of joy and wonderment.  Perhaps the goal shouldn’t be getting down the road the fastest or on the most direct route?  Perhaps it’s reflecting on why we’re on the highway.  Today My mission is to travel the road ahead of me.  I’m going to accomplish the tasks needed, or not (that’s the easy part), but more importantly I’m going to look around and enjoy the detours and welcome new adventures along my path.  Life’s supposed to be fun.  Don’ miss it!

”Blessings on your journey”

One thought on “Life’s supposed to be fun”

  1. I am on that journey of fun with you!!
    There is a lightness in the absence of judgement that is so wonderful. Happy journey to you!!


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