The adventure begins again

Yesterdays post was about animating.

vb (tr)
1. to give life to or cause to come alive
2. to make lively; enliven
3. to encourage or inspire
4. to impart motion to; move to action or work
5. being alive or having life

Which one are you? Today I animate!!

How’d you do? I had my moments but, overall didn’t do my best.  I didn’t make lively or enliven, I didn’t encourage or inspire all that well at times, and I didn’t move to action well either.  I’m sharing this with you because some days we don’t do as well for a lot of reasons. Maybe because were lacking energy or not having that much to do as far as work.  Maybe just simply, not feeling much like animating.  Now I have been perseverating about this for the past few years and often feel disappointed in myself.  How is that going to help?? that was the past and this is now.  I guess all there is to do is be the best I can be!!

The adventure begins again!

”Blessings on your journey”

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